Our Services


There are three full time Auto Cad designers well versed with HACCP design requirements. Our range of services spans the spectrum of; planning and designing of a food production facility and supply of the entire range of equipment. The facilities may be as diverse in nature as a, Specialty Restaurant, Banqueting Kitchen, Entertainment Venue, Sport or Recreation Centre, Educational Institution, Correctional Service, Uniformed Personnel’s Mess, Skilled and Unskilled Personnel’s Meal Provision, Mass Production Commissary, Healthcare Establishments’ Dining Service and Hotels.

We have in-house resource to take-up food production space planning assignments through A.A.D.P (AutoCAD Assisted Design Platform) and V.R.T (Virtual Reality Tour) of an F.P.F. All components of our design structure remain in full compliance with HACCP protocol and are ratified by the local F.C.A (Food Control Authorities) before the plans are turned over for execution.


Our relationship with the manufacturers of F.P.F equipment internationally places us in a position to pass the price advantage to the client by eliminating the middleman. For fabrication of work platforms we have dedicated facilities available locally, where we command total control over quality and efficiency.

With over 10 years in hospitality industry in this region, we understand  this  business  in  its  entirety  from  source  to  end  user. In doing business with Emirates Design System you are dealing with an organization, which understands your requirements from your point of view. It is our commitment, quality, value and efficiency that has endured us with our clients in this business consistently year after year.

We can provide equipment ranging from different origins to suit the requirement and taste of all clients.  Thanks to the study done by Emirates Design System which has ended up in having representation of reputable leading International brands in the Food Service Industry varying from Italy, France, Germany and U.S.A.


Highly experienced team which has been well appreciated for their installations. Our installations have been approved and appreciated by the leading foodservice consultants. A full site coordination right from design stage to the final handing over is assured.


A dedicated service team that provides the most efficient service back up in the industry. From Annual Maintenance Contracts to an on call basis support the team has proven itself to be the best in their field. All Major brands recommended spares remain in stock at all times.